Why We Need Referees!

April 8, 2016

 Picture Credit to: Get On With The Game


The referee is at the heart of every sports event, creating a fair and safe environment so that everyone can enjoy playing. The referee's job is to make sure that the laws and rules of the game are followed. If a player commits a foul or there is a dispute about something, the referee is there to sort it out calmly and fairly.


Referee's job isn't always easy because both teams want to win so much, but being a referee can be very enjoyable and rewarding.


Referees are there to help make sports a safe and great experience for everyone.

If you've thought about becoming a Referee or want a way to get back into the game, there is no better time than today! Interest in Sports is growing on the daily bases, and Referees are needed today more than ever! 


At Rent-A-Ref we believe that everyone deserves a fair game and you can be a part of a great experience as well by joining!


Happy Whistling,






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