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Welcome to RENT-A-REF


In recent years, we have received an overwhelming response from all! It is humbling, but also a problem we've been trying to solve. With that in mind, we are working on a solution to help everyone and connect with one another. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below.


In the meantime, we will only provide services in CA, CO, TX, NY and FL

Find a Referee or an Umpire with Just a Few Clicks

Each Referee is vetted to make sure they match the skill level of Your Game.




I Need A Referee

- David -

COO, Wooter

We are proud to have Rent-A-Ref as the exclusive officiating provider for all of the Wooter leagues. Great Service, Great Price, Great Refs. Thank you!

What's Being Said


- James - 

Sports Official

Rent-A-Ref allows me to do what I love when I want to. Not only am I notified when there are games near by, but they also take care of the payment and deposit it into my bank account, so I don't have to ask each team to pay.

Sports Leagues

- Anthony -

CMO, LASportsNet

LASportsNet partnered with Rent-A-Ref to begin scheduling our expanding soccer and basketball programs. With a vast network of experienced and trained referees, we've been able to keep up with the growth of our leagues thanks to Rent-A-Ref.

How It Works


Fill out an Online Form and we'll match you up with a Referee that fits best for your League, Tournament or Event.


Once your Event is confirmed by RAR, we'll send an introduction email and a payment processing method of your choice. 



About Us

Rent-A-Ref is an ever growing Community of Sports Professionals that connects Leagues, Tournaments and Referees that help service one another. 

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